Professional, Compassionate, Patient-Centered Hearing Care

Patient Testimonials

Courteous and friendly. Spent abundant time with me and my mom (dementia) to ensure we understood the new devices.

Ted F.

So kudos to this Audiology firm for expending a good bit of effort to help my 85 year old dad return his hearing aid to the manufacturer for repair. We were visiting Ellsworth and Meredith in the office expedited the shipment out so we would have it back in a week. I was more than willing to remunerate them in some way, but they said no. Certainly means we will use them again And I would recommend them.

Diane H.

Dr. David is an amazing Audiologist and a great person. He fitted me with my first ever hearing aid at the age of 47. I have profound hearing loss in my right ear. While he was adjusting my aid to my needs, he rustled some paper on his desk. I could hear it clearly and it brought tears to my eyes. Great Doctor and a great person indeed. It's so hard to find someone of his caliber in this field. Thank you!

Jay R.

Dr. Jardine is so helpful to make sure that I am happy with my hearing aids.

Terri S.

Great Experience! Lots of one on one attention.

Jennifer W.